"As servants of God, 
live as people 
who are free..."

1 Peter 2:16

Pleasant Valley Church is a congregation that was planted with a vision to share a unique message for these days:
God is love, God's law is good, God's prophecies are for today, and God's grace is our freedom.

We are part of the worldwide body of believers known as Seventh-day Adventists. "Seventh-day" reflects our commitment to the biblical Sabbath, while "Adventist" means we anticipate Christ's promised return. We are fully committed to following Jesus in everything He taught us and modeling His example of life-changing, other-centered, power-sharing love.

Our calling

our values

What is God calling us into? And into what are we calling others to join us?

To "live as people who are free"––free from hangups, holdups, hard hearts, and hurts; free from resentment, rage, revenge, and self-reliance; free to love, free to be loved, free to share, free to live on purpose and in purpose; free for joy and generosity, free for proclamation and peace; free to live, free to really live.
Like all Christians we seek to know and honor the one true God through Christ in the Spirit. At Pleasant Valley, we especially value
  • Truth. Founded on the Scriptures and focused on the cross, we believe that reality was revealed and re-shaped in Christ.
  • Worship & Generosity. In light of all God has done and all God is, we worship intentionally, heart-fully, and warmly; we give systematically, sacrificially, and cheerfully.
  • Church Family. He has brought us together and we are spiritual family. We seek to "make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." (Ephesians 4:3)
  • Spiritual Life. In Christ by faith, God's Spirit dwells in us and is transforming us, renewing us, developing us.
  • Whole-Person Health. Human life is integrated and interconnected––no part stands separate from any other part––and all of life is under God's care. We wish to see everyone in good health in every dimension: spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, socially. 

Meet the staff

Dr. Kessia Reyne Bennett

Lead Pastor
Kessia Reyne has served in churches large and small, on college campuses, in conference work, and in academia, and has been delighted to serve at PVC since 2022. She has a PhD in Systematic Theology, and loves telling people the very good news of what God has done in Christ.

Greg Phillips

Associate Pastor
After spending the first years of his career as an ER nurse, Greg answered the call to ministry and has been enjoying the adventure for 25 years (and counting). He came to PVC in 2013 and focuses especially on ministering to and with young adults. Greg is well-known for his wisdom and love for others.

Tyler Morrison

Assistant Pastor
Tyler counts it the joy of his life to share the gospel alongside his wife, Morgan Huffman. With prior experience in teaching ministry and church leadership, Tyler came on staff at PVC in 2023 to provide pastoral leadership to youth ministries, among other duties. His sincere love and zeal have been encouraging the young as well as the seasoned believers.

Miranda Horger

Office Administrator
Miranda always dreamed of using her professional skills to serve in Christian ministry. That dream became a reality when she joined the PVC staff in 2013, overseeing various schedules, communication channels, and campus needs. Miranda brings her keen attention and compassionate heart to her ministry.

Hannah Wachter

Minister of Music
From her first visit to PVC in 2016, Hannah felt right at home here and not long after was integrated as a worship vocalist. In 2023 she was called into the role of Minister of Music, utilizing her years of musical experience as well as her education in religion and Christian leadership. Hannah's love and vision have energized worship and life here at PVC.

Beverly Hall

Lead Elder
After years of valuable service as a lay member and an elder, Beverly was nominated into the position of Lead Elder in the fall of 2023. She has brought her characteristic wisdom and hospitality to the role, leading the elder team meetings, sitting with the staff weekly, and leading many ministry events from behind the scenes.