PVC Fam, have you noticed yet that your Minister of Music loves herself some playlists? I really do! I believe in music’s power to heal and help our hearts in times of trouble, anxiety, grief, depression + so many other life circumstances. That’s why I couldn’t help but make a playlist for our Mental Wellness Series, “But Joy: From Anxious to Assured.” If you were able to attend the last night of our series, Pastor Tyler and I sang a special song called Getaway. That song is on this playlist + many others. This playlist was lovingly curated by your entire pastoral team. Yup, ALL of your church staff—Kessia Reyne, Greg, Tyler, Miranda, and myself—have added songs to this playlist. Songs that we’ve run to in our own seasons of doubt, fear, pain, heartache, etc. Our prayer? That as you listen to this playlist you, too, would find the same comfort and hope that we found in these songs. Not only that, that you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are seen by our God in whatever trial you’re facing and that you’re loved and held in his righteous right hand. I hope this playlist blesses you. With so much love, Hannah, your Minister of Music ::