Beloved PVC Fam, as I look forward to the year ahead, it’s with excitement about what God wants to do in our midst! What does He have in store for us at PVC? I believe that music will be one way He speaks to our hearts and the hearts of those yet to come through our doors. Music will speak to our spirits in immeasurable ways and be part of the way God plans to move. That’s why over the next 12 months, I plan to introduce 12 new songs to our church that are aligned with the direction the Staff, Elders, and others feel God nudging us. I’ve made a playlist of these songs, so you can begin to familiarize yourself with them now. You may notice that there are not 12 songs on the playlist. That’s because some of them we learned in 2023 and because I’m holding space for the other songs God wants to teach us. I’m highly sensitive to the leading of the Lord as we declare His praise with our mouths through song. This list may change, but for now these are wonderful songs to have in your heart and I’m confident they will bless you. With love, Your Minister of Music, Hannah