Because Christmas is on Sabbath this year, we are having brunch and a single service on December 25. The continental-style potluck brunch will be served at 10:00 am before worship service at 11:00am.

This will be a special time for our church family to celebrate the warmth of Christmas and the promise of a new year together. And if you have guests staying with you for the holidays, Christmas brunch will save you the hassle of preparing breakfast for everyone before coming to church!

We invite each family to bring finger foods on disposable trays for the brunch. These items will be placed on tables for all to enjoy. Suggested finger foods include: Bread, bagels, muffins, sweet rolls, donuts and breakfast pastries, as well as apple, orange, or kiwi slices, grapes, tangerines, pineapple wedges, bananas, etc. The Church will provide juice and hot beverages. This brunch will afford us an opportunity to fellowship with each other, and share the holiday with family and friends who may be visiting here for Christmas.

*There will be no Sabbath School for our PVC Christmas Sabbath.