OCC-5The PVC Adventurers would like your help with their mission project: Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is a way to spread the Gospel of Jesus worldwide to children and their families. We fill shoe-box sized packages with gifts, supplies, and a book called “The Greatest Journey”–the gospel story written in each child’s language.

Please help fill our supply box in the church foyer or take your own box and fill it by November 7. Each box has a gender and age category label. Ideas for new gifts and supplies include: hats, gloves, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, hair ties, bar soap, washcloths, pencils and colored pencils (include erasers and a pencil sharpener), mini flashlights with extra batteries, calculators, crayons, coloring books, small books, small notepads/journals, small balls, dolls, and jump ropes.

It costs $7.00 for each box to be delivered. Your financial support is greatly appreciated! To contribute, please mark your tithe envelopes, “Operation Christmas Child.”

Thank you for loving kids in Jesus’ name and for supporting PVC Adventurers!