As of August 13, face coverings (worn properly–covering your nose and mouth entirely) are again required indoors at all times except for those under the age of 5.

Physical distancing has not been mandated at this time, which means we don’t have to limit our in-person attendees.

Thank you for being patient and flexible! Most of all, thank you for loving each other in the name of Jesus and doing everything possible to keep each other and our community safe!

If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask properly, please plan to continue watching the worship service online until this restriction has been lifted again.

See the following statement from our Oregon Conference administration:

This week the number of open hospital beds in Oregon dropped precipitously as the cases of COVID in the Pacific Northwest increased each day.

As you’ve likely heard, Governor Brown announced on Wednesday this week that masks will be required in ALL indoor public settings effective Friday, August 13, 2021. While there are a couple of exceptions–when swimming, eating, singing performance or public speaking–this rule does apply to all of our Oregon entities; schools, churches, and community service centers.

At this time, this mandate does not affect the number of attendees at church or in our community service centers, require social distancing, or prohibit churches from continuing to have potlucks. We would however, recommend that, if possible, potlucks take place outside.

While this mandate does not affect our Washington State entities, we are recommending that they join Oregon in wearing masks to help prevent COVID spread in your facilities.

We know this is hard news to take. We have all enjoyed this time with no mask. However, as we see more people in our own churches and communities getting sick, it’s a reminder that there are some things we can do help keep us and others from getting sick. We are praying for all of you as we all move forward in the unity of a shared love and respect of the highest value of mutual care and safety, irrespective of personal perspectives.

Remember that the mark of great leadership is resilience in the face of challenges. The Bible also reminds us that the olive, when pressed, brings forth oil that is able to produce light that overcomes darkness. So, thank you for once again being the light in your communities and upholding Romans 13:1-7 as we work with the state to help stop the rising COVID numbers.