April 20-21, 2018

Dr. Steve is a licensed Psychologist specializing in marriage, family, stress, depression, trauma and life-adjustment issues. He also acts as a life coach to people of all ages and professions. Dr. Steve is a popular seminar speaker who has spoken to business, non-profit, professional and church groups throughout the country. For five years Dr. Steve hosted an hour-long live call-in radio talk show which ran five days a week throughout Southern Washington and Northern Oregon. He has currently written over 20 books with over a million copies sold. He is co-founder of Every Marriage Matters, Inc. He has also been on the leadership team of his local church for the past 15 years. Plan now to attend this weekend of focus on marriage and family. There will be a potluck meal following second service, before the afternoon meeting. Free childcare is available for Friday evening and Sabbath afternoon sessions.


• Friday @ 7:00 pm – Why Did God Make You That Way? How differences can drive you totally crazy!
• Sabbath @ 9:10 am – Unless the Lord Builds the House (Ps. 127:1). Blueprints to a solid marriage.
• Sabbath @ 11:40 am – Secrets to a Wonderful Marriage (Col 3:12-15). Are you the best you can be?
• Sabbath @ 2:30 pm – A Great Marriage and a Great Family. How to strengthen your marriage while being a parent.